About Hugging Love

Over the years, there has been a significant rise in the number of children diagnosed with mental and behavioural disorders. There are still many causes to discover why these disorders are so prevalent in children nowadays and what this indicates about the world in which we live. We firmly believe that holistic support is necessary for a child’s therapeutic healing.

Hence, the “Hugging Love” series of products and services are designed to cater to children’s positive developmental needs in today’s living world. We aim to alleviate the risks factors that might impact child development and nurture the child’s emotional, mental and soul well being.

Building Toxic-free Environment For Children

Making Food 100% Natural And Organic For Children

Alleviate the risk factors that might impact child development.

What are the essential requirements
for children to grow and learn healthily?

Love, joy, and warm human relationships, as well as nourishing food, an “artificial-free” climate, and plenty of sleep, are all critical.

Hugging Love is committed to strengthening healthy children by assisting them at various growth stages with our carefully crafted products.

Hugging Love was created with a single goal in mind: to provide children with a natural healing and nourishing impact using 100 per cent organic ingredients and a dash of humanity’s compassion and love. We design our products following science principles: physiology and psychological aspects according to every stage in child development. Parents and carers can ensure our products grow healthy children 100 per cent.

Internal organs and bone structure are increasing and evolving in children aged 0 to 7, and they need a regular, large amount of nutrition and activity to thrive. Children need to have a sheath of physical warmth. Children of this age are unable to self-regulate their body temperature.

It is critical to help them focus their energy toward growth and organ production rather than body heat maintenance. Warmth is the basis for physical body growth. It is part of the “sensitivity” quality that is essential for nurturing developing children.

The process of maturation of the human body and organs is known as growth. The cells and organs must go through seven life processes to develop health; respiration, movement, sensitivity, nutrition, excretion, development, and reproduction. As a result, our product design is based on the “seven life processes” concepts to include the best in child growth.


Hugging Love is founded with one mission – To bring holistic healing and nourishing effect to children with 100% true whole and holistic ingredients, with a spice of humanity, care and love.

We design our products according to every step of child development in physiological and psychological aspects. Parents and caregivers can rest assured that our products and services are a hundred per cent crafted to grow healthy children.


Provide NO artificial colouring & flavouring, 100% pure natural ingredients food for children.


To bring holistic healing and nourishing effect to children with 100% true whole and holistic ingredients, with a spice of humanity care and love.